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Just started posting this morning, so more post are soon to come 🙂



Looking at leafs for these mono and stencil prints. Worked some acrylic paint over the top as well.

More Prints

(Had to use the flash on camera so pictures a bit harsh)
Really enjoying working with prints still.

The left hand sketchbook pages if acrylic with hand made leaf stencils. For the right had page i reused the stencils for the monoprints.

Sticking with a natural theme for my prints. Was fun working with stencils!


Finally my printing ink that i ordered arrived! So today ive been busy making some proper monoprints in my sketchbook, think ive got a bit of an obsession with them at the moment!

Based on birds footprints in the sand, quite like how it turned out!

A3 sketchbook


This is some old work from a couple years ago from my advanced higher.

I created a selection of illustrations for the book “Coraline” and the front and back cover.

I really enjoyed this project and ended up with 18 A1 sheets of work at the end.

The illustrations are acrylic paintings with the text and the buttons added on photoshop. I photographed the buttons myself.

Took inspiration from Dave McKean, my favourite illustrator as his work is very unique.

This is just two of the illustrations from a group of five, might post some later!


(Bad quality photograph couldn’t be bothered charging my camera to take a better picture)

This new sketchbook that ive started seems to be only consisting of monoprints at the moment, need to change it up!

Here is another two pages of some things ive been working on.

Left page are left hand (im right handed) drawings of tree’s experimenting with colour.

The other page is a tree made from string stitched into the paper and some abstract mono prints of the trees.

New found love for working in this media, finally order some proper printing ink instead of using the stamp, so can’t wait to get to use it when it arrives.


Havent done any monoprints in about a year! So thought i would give it ago again, only to find i had all the other things i needed apart from the printing ink, so had to make do with this little block of ink for stamps, worked quite well as it was just a few experiments for a sketchbook pages.

Just a few squiggles at first to see if it worked.

I am now going to have lots of time on my hands for arty stuff! As of next week i will be dropping out of university! The course just wasnt for me, not much art involved mainly working on a computer creating 3d images.
Would much rather have a paint brush in my hand than look at a stinking computer all day!


A1 Mixed media piece.
-collage of paper out a prospectus
-acrylic paint

Book and Box

This project was to create a artists book and box. I based it on nature further narrowing it down to focus on photosynthesis.

The box is made from plastic sheets, wire, glue from use of a glue gun, natural objects and thin wire. The inside is covered in purple felt. The leafs and twigs on the box where gather from the garden.

The book is made from card and watercolour paper. I used a mixed media to create the inside illustrations for the book, mainly collage, watercolour and ink wash.

Was challenging working on a small scale but fun at the same time.

This project pushed me out of my comfort zone by working in 3D

Sam the Cat

Sam the Cat
This colour pencil drawing of my friends cat, who has not sadly run away from home!
This was created with textures dark green paper and coloured pencil. I tend to use watercoloured pencils but without the use of water as they are softer and give the look that I aim for.
This piece was created as a research drawing to go on and get further developed unto a character for a book that i was illustrating.
I loved creating this drawing!